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Since 2005, Fairway Maritime has been independently run and operated by maritime professionals in oil and chemical shipping, operations and trading.

No other company has the expertise needed to understand the financial opportunities or ramifications of the trade contract, vessel charter party, physical operation and the client/counterparty relationship.


We manage all marine claims including demurrage, reimbursements, deviations, and other claims for Owners, Vessel Pools, Refiners, and Trading Companies using a state of the art cloud system with powerful reporting capabilities.


Our team of demurrage professionals provide a quality, consistent, and timely service.

Our Team

Tom Black - Managing Partner

Tom's background in marine and commercial trading operations provides a unique perspective and knowledge of real world demurrage issues.


Tom is also currently president of General Maritime Corporation, a global loss control services company which handles over 1 billion barrels annually. Tom is a graduate of the US Merchant Marine Academy at Kings Point.

Rob McGrath - Managing Partner

After a successful 30 year career in the oil business, Rob joined forces with Tom in 2014. Rob's career brought him through demurrage, operations, and ended with trading at Glencore for the past 15 years.


Rob has extensive knowledge of all aspects of the oil supply chain, terms and conditions, and knows how each Charter party can effect not just the demurrage claim but also the trade. Rob is a graduate of the US Merchant Marine Academy at Kings Point.

Joshua Prince - Partner

Josh began his career with ExxonMobil in Hungary and has subsequently worked for Gemini Tankers and Navig8. He has been working with marine claims for the majority of his career and has cultivated excellent working relationships with Brokers, Shipowners, and Charterers (oil majors, trading companies, etc).


Having worked mainly for Shipowners, Josh is an expert with all claim types including freight, demurrage, reimbursements, and deviations. He specializes in claims for tankers and chemicals vessels.

Roisin Black - Claims Expert

Having previously designed and built demurrage systems, Roisin brings a detail-oriented approach to claims processing. She specializes in both inland and ocean-going barge claims, as well as the intricacies of Algerian loads.


Roisin attended the US Merchant Marine Academy at Kings Point studying Marine Engineering and graduated from Georgia Tech.


Ryan Dalton - Claims Expert

Ryan started out with Fairway Maritime and went on to manage the post fixture department at Gemini Tankers and then managed the demurrage department at Glencore. 


With that experience and knowledge gained, Ryan is back at Fairway handling demurrage on the commercial side.

Dennis Kwan - Claims Expert

As a licensed CPA, Dennis worked for the accounting groups of UBS and AIG. Due to his background in audit and accounting, Dennis brings a detail-oriented approach to claims processing.


While he is primarily focusing on reimbursement and deviation claims, Dennis also assists with demurrage documentation and claim calculations. 


Jim Gill - Claims Associate

Jim joined the team in early 2019 with a background in business and has been familiarizing himself with the maritime industry since joining. 


While he is primarily focusing on Owner's demurrage claims, Jim is also handling reimbursement and deviation claims in a backup capacity. 

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