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Expert Claims Management

Fairway Maritime LLC only hires experts in the field of marine claims resulting in accurate calculations, completely supported claims, and effective negotiations. We advise clients on claim issues both voyage and contractually based and aid in revising more favorable terms.

Predictable and Controllable Cost

Our pricing structure varies depending on client needs and can be agreed either on a flat per claim or a monthly fee basis with no monthly minimums and no long-term contracts. This allows for flexibility to economically manage the peak and slow periods experienced in the trading and maritime industries.

Reduced Payroll

Fairway Maritime LLC can handle all aspects of a client's claims so there is no need to add employees to their payroll for claims handling. Operations personnel can focus on optimizing the other aspects of the business, knowing the demurrage is being handled by professionals. We are our clients' demurrage department. In slower periods, clients realize a significant benefit to their bottom line by not having to employ their own claims personnel.  

Stability In An Unstable World

Being an outsourced service provider, our services are not impacted by most unpredictability in the world. Our clients saw no negative impact on our services as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic. Having employees in multiple locations significantly reduces the potential of impact from disease, severe storms, civil unrest, and power/internet outages. 

No Conflicts of Interest

Fairway Maritime LLC is a fully independent company therefore avoiding all conflicts of interest. Having no financial stake in the outcome of the claims, our goal is to calculate claims accurately regardless of counterparty/client. In the event there is a claim between two of our clients, the claim will be handled by separate analysts to ensure accuracy.


Our claims management and reporting system ensures full transparency and, upon request, we can provide read-only access to reports and performance metrics in real-time. In an outsourced environment, this transparency is key.

Cloud Based System

Fairway Maritime LLC uses a modern, web-based, claims management system providing accurate calculations and document storage in a central location. Each claim, along with all correspondence, is securely backed up in the cloud. This eliminates many potential network issues, allows for easy retrieval, and ensures complete safety from data loss.


We are here to support our clients as needed and can adapt our offerings and services as required. 

Contact us for more information and a free trial.

Please contact us to discuss your individual needs and see how we can best help you.

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