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Joe Gaudiano, Vessel Manager

Fairway provides Penfield with the ability to concentrate on our core competencies while remaining operationally lean. 


Fairway’s consistently accurate claim calculation, expedited reply to charterers’ counters, and ability to suggest changes in our charter parties that would benefit Penfield provides a level of service that is difficult to match. 

Chris Rodilosso, Operations

We run a lean shop and Fairway allows me to concentrate on Operations knowing the demurrage side is covered.  Never any time bar issues.


They understand the grey areas fully and definitely are the best in the business in handling these claims.

Chris Charter,

Head Of Operations

Working with Fairway to handle our claims has proven effective and economical. Beyond handling our claims, they provide input on clauses for future voyages so we can save as much on interim port calls, deviations, speed up, and heating claims as possible.

Patrick Milner, Operations

With the extreme volume of claims and rebills that PBF accumulates on a daily basis, we can always count on Fairway to bring us back to speed and more importantly, to confidently know that we will get the most in-depth breakdown and absolute best financial savings on any claim regardless of its value.


Fairway also is a strong source of outside counsel that provides us with a neutral and unbiased opinion on any demurrage or Charter Party clause related question.


Fairway is without doubt the most superior claim analysts company out there and we highly recommend their services.

Greg Kurantowicz, Marine Operations Manager 

Fairway Maritime affords us the ability of having a professional, in-house demurrage advisory team from a 3rd party perspective. They remain focused and committed to handling each claim with precision – a timely response to the counterparty involved, detailed correspondence on the evolution of said claim, and sole emphasis on providing accurate, independent results through the very end.


Whether it takes days (or months) for an agreement amongst parties involved, Fairway maintains an unbiased stance to the resolution of each and every claim, highlighted by their diligence to ensure each claim is resolved to the satisfaction of both sides.

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